The Higher Love global movement creates safe local havens of support for people to embrace their light and shine it out to the world.

The intention is to create sacred space (physical and online) where inspired individuals are encouraged to step into their full expression of themselves. To support mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, children to step into and turn up their light.

The essential ingredient to transformation is love – Higher Love. When we come together with the intention of pure love, safety and trust MAGIC HAPPENS. The creativity, power, and wisdom in each of us is magnified and radiates out to the world.

Co-creating heaven on earth.

When we come together in these sacred spaces the sense of separation that exists within people is dissolved and our group vibration supports our individual and collective upliftment. The more we come together the greater the momentum leading to the achievement of our vision: the creation of heaven on earth!

Higher Love Today Mission

Our Mission is to support the heart of humanity. We do this through helping inspired beings to tap into their own inner wisdom and take action that takes them closer to their souls purpose. We do this through providing connection, love, safety, education and real world tools.

Higher Love Today Objectives

  • To build a movement that supports the heart and soul of humanity.
  • To create a place that feels like family. Your soul family, your support tribe, your place to call home.
  • To create a movement that creates safe havens of support for people to hear their souls wisdom and empowers them to express their full potential and shine their light out to the world.
  • To create a global circle that reminds you that you are not alone, makes you feel loved, seen and heard and inspires and supports you to take divine action.
Join us and be part of a movement that supports you to follow your dreams.