Such a great event. A room full of inspiration no less! You’re definitely building a great network of individuals aligning for positive social outcomes. Inspired people alive with possibility for contribution. I can see that what you’re creating will occupy an amazing and influential place in the world.

Scott, Sydney


Thank you for the creation of this event and all the connections & inspirational people in the community that were there … So Awesome!!

Corrine Levine, Australia


From the first moment we got to move around and connect with each other I felt the room come alive with possibility.

Cam, Sydney


Thankyou thankyou thankyou Rebecca Jackson for a beautiful, divine, uplifting and deeply heartfelt event tonight. The space you held for us and the pouring of higher love you gave to all of us was unforgettable. I see the seed of a global movement now solidly planted and the ripple effect is already growing. A well deserved restful sleep tonight. Thankyou to you and your speakers. It was amazing.

Michelle Weinstein, Sydney


What a gorgeous event we shared in Santa Fe. The space was infused with loving kindness. Rebecca and Rakale, our empowering facilitator and Guest Speaker/Singer respectively, created a safe haven for participants to share from the heart. It was clear there was mutual respect and support for all to communicate freely. I wish to thank all who participated. I eagerly look forward to connecting again soon and growing our Higher Love Today community! Many blessings for this rare opportunity to connect soul to soul. Higher Love Today is the perfect healing balm for the modern malaise–the pervasive feelings of isolation and self-doubt melt away in this beautiful heart space.

Bonnie, Santa Fe New Mexico USA


Amazing night ‪Rebecca Jackson. Was so inspiring and uplifting and you have such a beautiful vision you’re creating I am already excited for the next one. Love xxx

Kat Ellis McIntyre, Sydney


What an incredible event. For those of you who didnt make it tonight you missed an awesome night so make sure you make it along to the next one. The energy, love and connection in this room was mind-blowing.

The panel section was my favourite hearing the stories and wisdom of such inspiring conscious entrepreneurs who are living, breathing and speaking their passion each and every day of their lives.

This is the start of something huge and its easy to see that these events are going to gain momentum and followers with each and every one held.

Kim Manning, Sydney


A beautiful evening to connect, share and receive the inspiration so to germinate the seeds of creation with our hearts.

Nicolas Perrin, Sydney


The energy in tonight’s room is magnetic! The space you have created Rebecca Jackson is powerful and I appreciate the invite! We cannot wait for the next one!!

Zac Dean Roesler, Sydney Australia


What a fantastic event, I’m so glad I attended! The speakers were transformational in their stories and then how that related back to your current and future experiences and the shifts that one needs to make in their thinking and their actions to truly live a life of passion purpose and love. I would attend another event, I’m looking forward to the online courses:)

Nicolle Shaffer Stanley, Pheonix USA


What a powerful loving event! Peoples shares were authentic and connections were made!

Christine Essex, Las Vegas USA


Thank you, thank you, thank you! ‪Rebecca Jackson, ‪Rakale Hannah and ‪Christine Essex – your Light and Compassion led the way!

Ana –Las Vegas


Good afternoon!! Wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in last nights ceremony. It was really beautiful, moving and powerful. Felt so much love in the room. The healing given from last night has continued all morning for me and I’m sure it will take a while longer to fully integrate. I had a huge sleep in and started the day with a salt bath followed by a really beautiful mediation. The meditation flowed from the cleaning and releasing of the chakras and an image of a crystal light bed came into my mind, so i decided to stay with it. I was also then able to allow love and light to flow in and replenish my body. Been feeling more connected with my own soul self this morning and with the loving, nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine – which I am very grateful for. Thank you to Rebecca, Uncle Les and all of the speakers for sharing your beautiful gifts with us, for helping us heal and find and share our own light. Thank you to everyone in our Higher Love Community. Feeling very blessed. Xxx

Tahnee, Sydney Australia


I recently participated in The Embrace Your Light on-line course facilitated by Rebecca Jackson. As a Yoga teacher and Life Program creator and facilitator… I am particularly discerning about committing my time, energy and trust into a program. The things I most appreciated about Embrace Your Light is that you can do the exercises at your own pace. The practices that Rebecca offers are supportive and help you reconnect to your higher self. The information and videos are easily digestible and to the point, which is very important to a busy mom like me! I especially liked the guided meditations because I am a big believer in the power of planting encouraging seeds and bright ideas in the mind and heart. Most importantly is that you have Rebecca’s kind and competent support in the form of a live weekly video conference call and private Facebook page. Rebecca holds a safe and encouraging space for you to move through blocks, explore what’s unfolding and take new steps that are in alignment with your inner light. Xo

Chara, NY


Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to open heartedly say a massive T H A N K Y O U.

I must say what a random/lovely experience it was for me that you and this course entered my life at this time. It’s crazy to think that 6 months before I never really understood what meditation was and only 8 weeks ago was when I really started to become curious about it to find out what it truly meant. Then you come in my life! And I must say I think I know a fair amount about it now ha ha ha!

Thank you for allowing me to enter this world. I call it MY WORLD. This place of total self- enrichment, enlightenment and empowerment. With much love and gratitude..

Evi, Sydney Australia


Thanks Rebecca for bringing the miracle of this group to my laptop just at the perfect moment. I won’t forget that feeling of being surrounded by virtual angels! And your meditations which I listen to every morning.

Annette, Sydney


It’s lovely and inspiring hearing everyone’s past stories and journeys they are taking to lead into a self-enriched, empowered and exceptional life!

Evi, Sydney


I am speechless!! Thank you wonderful human beings. Living in my truth and fighting for ME instead of anyone else. Blessings to all of you. I choose love over fear!

Annette, Sydney


There is something so special about being at a Higher Love event. The energy, the genuine compassion, support and love. They are amazing!

Nicole, Sydney

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