Changing at the Speed of Light

Right now the speed of change is breathtaking. Barely do you recognize the new landscape that has dropped into view when you are whisked on to the next.

Sometimes you experience a multiplicity of dimensions simultaneously. It feels as if you cannot get a firm grasp on who you are.

And sometimes you time-shift, moving so rapidly between dimensions that it feels as if you were in multiple times at once.

In-between the changes, you experience the silent pause of the void—the space between what was and what will be. It is the space of the breath.

Ever felt this way? It’s unsettling!

In fact, you are being asked to lay claim to a bigger and bigger picture of what is possible. This disquieting energy is the means to the quantum leap. It’s upending life as you’ve known it. It’s what you’ve asked for over and over from the Universe. Most importantly, you are being given what is needed.

Yet how do you integrate it? What is possible?

The real question is; how can you make this quantum leap of transformation? Because you want to reveal and to receive what is available. True?

Alignment is essential. 

Parallel Paths

Where to begin?

Sometimes the change is noticed first as new awareness. Awareness initiates cellular transformation. Then the physical body needs to catch up with what the consciousness is experiencing. The body needs to align with the new dimensions of consciousness that have been tapped.

In other words, the body has to catch up with what the mind already knows.

But the physical body is undergoing great change as well. Sometimes the cellular change is triggered first, whether by direct energetic application (as in energy work like Turaya Touch or though Initiation) or by the impact of unseen forces, (as in the cosmic vibrational waves that flood the planet).

The body remembers, too. As the body receives and incorporates new energy systems, your consciousness itself plays a kind of catch-up. New energetic systems are activated and experienced as remembering.

And truly? It is not one and then the other. That’s just your linear self wanting to make sense of it all.

Realize that as you raise your vibratory rate, there is more and more light being integrated into your cellular structure and in your consciousness. You experience this through your individual matrix.

From whence you have come, so do you reclaim the inheritance that is yours.

Claiming our Inheritance

As you lay claim to a new energetic lineage that transcends your historical roots, then you receive your inheritance.  It is part of the promise that was made in being born. This is a moment of profound significance for your well-being.

You are enabled to act with all that you have been gifted. Your potential is activated.

As human beings, at any time we live with partial awareness. Awareness is like the moon, though. Even though you only see a portion of what exists, you know there is more. You have a remembrance of MORE. This carries you ever forward, discovering what feels to be new, watching intently for what is revealed.

How do you receive that? What are you to do with it?

You imagine there must be a purpose. What could it be? Is it something unique to each of us or is it a collective purpose?

It is, in fact, both. It is up to you to take your individual and unique-to-you place with these energies. When you align with these energies, you can determine, moment by moment, the direction you are to next place your feet. Only then can the collective purpose be realized.

Quantum Leap of Transformation

When you experience new energies, your next step is to decode them. Energy is received by the body via the cells. It must then be converted into “language” that is intelligible: consciousness. You cannot sustain the level of transformation that is the quantum leap, without the corollary opening of conscious understanding. Consciousness is the key that opens the lock. Your system requires it to integrate the energetic changes.

This is why inner research is an indispensable element of conscious evolution. As you get quiet, ask questions and allow yourself to receive the inner answers, consciousness is revealed. Pay attention to what feels new in your everyday life. Notice new ways of thinking and being. Be aware of fresh ideas and pictures that spring to mind.

Claim a quantum leap of transformation: in the cell, in consciousness, in relationships, and in social structures. In the world.

It is magnificent.

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