2017 is almost here and it is a powerful time to consciously choose what we will create in the coming year.

This year has numerological been a nine year, which is the end of a cycle lasting nine years. A year all about completions.

It is highly likely that during this year you’ve been called to review your entire life and take stock of where you are at, what you are proud, what you’re not so proud of, what you’ve achieved and things that you haven’t accomplished. You may have realised that what was important to you in the past is no longer, that your values and priorities have changed and that you are ready for change.

The “one” energy of 2017, is here to help you to create this change, and create the life you desire. To successfully manifest your new intentions, experiences or desires, you must first create space for the new.

Every year on New Years eve, I perform a sacred letting go ritual where I write down everything that I am willing to release, to make space for the magic of the new year. Tonight, I will be following a ritual I was taught earlier this year during a Shamanic training weekend.

I invite you to share in this sacred letting go ritual. Together, we can make way for a brand new year of possibility, love, and connection.

To release all that no longer serves you in alignment with your highest good.

What You’ll Need:
* A stack of small sticks (A quick walk around your backyard or neighbourhood should do the trick)
* Natural twine or string (something non toxic that can burn easily)
* Plain paper
* A pen
* Matches
* Sage or Palo Santo (optional)

The Ceremony

  1. Prepare your sacred space in a way that feels good to you. I like to smudge the space and create a sacred container with my guides as helpers.
  2. Close your eyes and welcome in all parts of yourself into the present moment. Call back all parts of your energy and soul from all times and spaces. If you haven’t already call in your guides and high vibrational support team who are working with you for your highest good. Ground and centre yourself. Set your intention for your ceremony.
  3. Create a small ceremonial fire holding your intention as you work.
  4. Make yourself comfortable in front of your fire and bring to mind your vision for your future. Once this is strong think of everything that no longer serves you, is not in alignment with this vision, anything that you know needs to be released. This can include people, situations, thought patterns, habits, excuses, health concerns – anything you wish to release.Write down on your piece of paper everything that shows up for you. Start by writing “I release ……” at the top of your page. Write as much as you can. Don’t hold back.
  5. Once you feel complete, take your piece of writing and wrap it around one of your sticks (make sure the stick you choose is small enough that it can be easily broken in half). Tie the paper to your stick with the string. If you have multiple pieces of paper you may like to use multiple sticks.As you do this say out loud “I release all of these situations, thoughts, beliefs, people. I am grateful for serving their purpose and I now choose to move on. Our time together is over and I release you now and forever. And so it is. And it is done.” Repeat this statement until you feel that it is true.


  6. Holding your stick and the intention of release, break your stick in half and any final connection you held to these situations. As you break your stick repeat the words “I release thee, I release thee, I release thee”. (If you have multiple sticks simply repeat the process for each stick). You might feel quite emotional as you do this. If so, let it flow. Go with it. It is really powerful to feel your anger, hurst, sadness, joy, resentment and allow the fire to transmute the energy.
  7. Drop your stick into your fire, and as you watch it burn, visualise your things being totally removed and lifted from you. Feel the freedom. Feel the release. Surrender to the lightness.
  8. Once your paper is completely burnt, knowing that you all of these things have been released give thanks for this gift of freedom and new possibility.
  9. With love and gratitude in your heat take a moment to return to your vision of the life you desire and say out loud “I give myself permission right now to ….”
  10. Finally, take a moment to sit in this beautiful energy the space you have created.

This is a powerful ceremony, but like anything it requires you to follow it up with mindful action in the physical world. Make sure you take the actions you need to release and fully complete the situation. For example, have the conversations you need to have to clear the air, take the steps you need to so you can close off projects etc

Now you are ready to powerfully create your intentions for the new year and your new life.

With Love,
Rebecca xo