Over the last few years I’ve come to know myself so much better. I’ve come to dive deeper into my psyche than I ever have before. I’ve started to see the magic that is life. It’s been such a beautiful journey. But it’s also been the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Why? Because I was conditioned to not trust magic. I was conditioned to only “believe what you see”.

Can I see my mom who was killed by drunk drivers when I was 18 years old? No, but I know she’s there. How? Every time I’m alone and I smell cigarette smoke I know she’s stopping by to say hi. Well, either her or my grandfather, they both smoked like chimneys.

Can I see my husband who died unexpectedly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer? No, but I know he’s there. Every time I hear “Running” from No Doubt, our wedding song, I know he’s telling me he still loves me from the other side. I believe with all my heart that they are both traveling between worlds to support me while I’m still here.

If I were to see either one of them I’d probably flip my lid, but that’s because I’ve been conditioned to believe only crazy people see spirits. That belief has been challenged by many of my psychic and clairvoyant friends. Part of me is jealous that they can see such things and part of me would be scared shitless to have that ability. The thing is, I believe, we all have this ability, we just have to be open to seeing something other than the Hollywood view.

I’ve learned some tricks over the last couple of years that have helped me to embrace this power I can’t see and I’d like to share those with you so you can learn to not only listen to your inner guidance and wisdom but also that of the guidance and wisdom all around you. We’re all connected to that guidance anyway, why continue to fight it?

  1. The first thing I do when I’m getting that tingly feeling, maybe the heebie jeebies, is put my hand over my heart, close my eyes, and take a deep breath. This allows me to tune into the fear that is coming up and allow it to be there. That fear has a voice and just wants to be heard too. Why not let it say what it wants and let it move on. It’s kind of like the child who is easily distracted-give it attention and it will move on.
  2. The second thing I do is ask my inner Goddess for guidance that is in alignment with my values. Being in integrity not only with the outside world but with myself allows me to be open to the answers that are already there. I just have to be willing to listen to them.
  3. The third thing I do is connect to a moment in my past where I’ve felt my intuition strongly, even if I didn’t know that’s what was happening in the moment. I know the exact moment I chose to be a single parent. I was sitting with my future husband on the patio at a friends house. He told me he was HIV+. Being in the medical field I knew it didn’t mean his life was over that day, that month, or even that year, but I also knew I would lose him at some point. I made the decision right then that I would still pursue the relationship and the possibility of children with him (obviously there were health concerns for both myself and my future children but that’s another blog post).

Now, in that moment I could have followed the voice of fear and run to find a “healthy” guy, or I could have stayed to see what happened with him. I chose to follow my intuition and stay because my intuition was telling me this was the man for me. I’m so glad I stayed because I have two beautiful little boys and I got to share my life with an amazing soul. I also have examples from my past where I didn’t listen to my intuition and ended up a complete mess. Either way I’ve learned to trust my gut.

We are all connected to a power much stronger than we are in these human bodies. We all came from the same source. We all come from love. The fear came along with these bodies we call home here on Earth. It’s a matter of finding the harmony between both worlds. That will unlock the door to the freedom we all seem to be searching for.

I hope these tips help you as much as they do me. I’ll send you some love and light so things will hopefully be less scary when you start tapping into your intuition. If this world is ever going to be set free of the chaotic ego mind that seems to run rampant, we all need to learn to tune into that gut feeling we get, and we can do it together.