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Higher Love Today … The Vision

i am the most powerful force in my life

Co-creating Heaven On Earth

Higher Love Today supports and empowers personal and planetary transformation. Step by step, we are building a network of higher love around the world and reuniting our global family.

Our Mission is to support the heart of humanity. We do this through helping inspired beings to tap into their own inner wisdom and take action that takes them closer to their souls purpose. We do this through providing connection, love, safety, education and real world tools.

Our Events

Our goal is to host Higher Love Today events in every town, in every country in the world! We provide an inspiring and safe place to explore the extraordinary potential that exists in all of us as individuals and together as a human family.

January: Live a life you love

At these powerful Soul Sessions, you will be invited to “Live a life you love”. Whether you have been on a journey of personal growth for a while, or you are new to the path, it’s likely that you’ve experienced moments of intuitive knowing, gut instincts or whispers from your soul.

These events have been designed to support you in tapping into this very real inner guidance. To feel confident in what your higher self has been telling you all along. To embrace the light which has been waiting eagerly to shine through.

Dates City Country
23rd January 2016 Sydney Australia Find out more >
5th March 2016 Sacramento USA Coming Soon
TBA February 2016  Colorado USA Coming Soon
TBA February 2016  Las Vegas USA  Coming Soon 

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Our Online Courses

embrace your light

We are excited to release the first in our Higher Love online series which supports you to tap into your own inner wisdom and take action that moves you to a more powerful position of wholeness, inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.

This 4-week online course has been designed to support you to tap into your very real inner guidance, to feel confident in what it’s telling you and to embrace the light that has been wanting to beam out of you!

Are you ready to tap into your higher guidance in a grounded, supported way – so that you can confidently take action from this place every day? Are you ready to create a life aligned with your higher purpose?

Yes! The online course is FREE and will launch soon.