embrace your light

Welcoming in Your Authentic Self

embrace your light

Welcome to the beginning of your special Embrace Your Light 4-week course. I am thrilled that you’ve chosen to take this journey with me. In the coming days and weeks we will work together to co-create a unique experience designed specifically for you!

Using a powerful combination of meditation, self-exploratory processes, group discussion and sacred amplifiers you will be offered the opportunity to step into your light, to embrace it, ignite it and let it shine brightly.

I promise you that if you allow it, this 4-week course will radically change your perspective, your behaviors, choices and ultimately amplify the happiness and joy in your life.

To support you on this journey I have written a special meditation that will connect you to your inner light and support you to let it shine in everything that you do.

I encourage you to listen to this meditation every morning to set you up for the day.

Remembering your special gifts

your brillianceNow you might be thinking “Special gifts? I don’t have any unique gifts or talents” or “Why does this matter, no one would be interested in what I have to offer” “Who would want to read my book, listen to my song or listen to me speak?”

Well I’m here to tell you, you absolutely do have special gifts and each of you were created to make a difference. Yes you!

If you are squirming in your seat, feeling awkward and thinking this is a waste of time. It’s perfect! This is exactly where you need to be and, I promise you the resistance you are feeling right now is normal and will pass. It is simply an unconscious, defensive reaction to the idea that you might end up thinking or doing something differently – but isn’t that exactly the reason why you are here. When we start to make powerful changes in our lives it is very common for resistance to show up. So expect it to come up during this course. Acknowledge it, embrace it, and send it love – knowing that it is a beautiful sign that you are making the change that you want in your life.

When you came into this world, you brought with you special gifts and talents. This week we will be taking an exploratory journey to unearth, to remember what they are.

In order to reconnect to your true essence you must look inside. I promise you it is there, waiting for you. Waiting for you to clear your mind of all that is not you – the fears, the beliefs the desires and expectations of others, all the negative stories you tell yourself, the defeatist attitude that constrains you and your vision for the life your highest self wants to live.

Take a few minutes now to watch this video where I will guide you through a process to reconnect with your individual gifts.

Ignite Your Light

For the next 7 days sit with the following self discovery processes and spend at least 30 minutes a day journaling about what comes up for you.


If you’ve ever done any personal development work you will be familiar with this concept. That’s because it works. Think back as far as you can, ideally to your preschool years if possible. Think back to times when you weren’t influenced by peers or your fears, when your parents’ expectations of you didn’t go beyond you playing safely in the park. What did you like to do? Was it playing shop? Drawing? Dancing? Finding bugs in the garden? What activities or experiences created the greatest memories? What was the most fun? The common thread in there is a message that, with a little reinterpreting to fit your adult world, will propel you down the path toward your unique gifts.


Think back to the last time you completely lost track of time? What were you doing? Are there activities that you find so engrossing that you don’t think about time, eating, or sleeping? Do you have these experiences at work? Do your hobbies and leisure activities fall into this category? These moments of lost time will point you towards areas of strong interest and deep passions, and will lay down another key stepping-stone on the path towards stepping into your light and remembering your unique gifts.


The people closest to you get to see you in ways that you just can’t see. Today ask at least 3 friends, family members or co-workers to share with you what they see as your special gifts and talents. You can ask them “What makes me unique? What do you think I do particularly well? What is my strongest skill or characteristic?” They may not nail your unique gift, but they will offer many clues. Once you have your answers sit with them and journal about how their answers, and even doing this process made you feel.


Sometimes our lives are so full that we actually don’t have any space for a new perspective, insight or growth. How can you create some room in your life so that you have the opportunity to gain a new perspective? By answering this it will help you determine the general direction you should be moving in, which will then lead to a more defined path, and eventually your own personal trail, blazed with your unique gift. How can you remove the clutter from the activities, people and things that keep you from having space to step into the brightest version of yourself?


This is the extreme of creating space. If you find creating space in your daily life difficult, or if you have created space and are ready to go to the next level, go solo for a day, a weekend or a week. Go camping, find a cabin, an empty beach, go sailing — be alone, just be with you. No distractions. Start listening. After you overcome the fear of being alone with yourself, you will start to hear.


Take some time today to journal on rising, in the middle of the day and before you go to bed. Write down your observations, intuitions, feelings, revelations, opinions, insights and challenges. Is there a pattern? Look for the common thread that represents areas of strong interest, honesty regarding feelings, awareness of special skills, and a natural draw toward certain people, places, and purposes. If you need clarity around your true essence and your unique offerings i recommend that you continue this process for the next 21 days.


Imagine that you are asked to give a 3-minute talk about what gets you excited on the evening news. This spotlight will be your legacy, the imprint you leave on the world. What would you talk about?

Things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling. Write your speech and notice what comes up, you may be noticing a consistent theme that is now shining through. Keep an eye out to ensure that you are writing from your authentic self and not your metal mind. Our minds tend to want to do what it thinks others will want to hear or expect, so don’t be surprised if you have to come back to your heart space, and your higher conscious, several times during this process.?

Magical Amplifiers

For those of you who are ready to take your process to the next level, here are some extra things you can do to help catapult you forward. Each of the tools below works with your conscious and subconscious mind, and will support your physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Amethyst is a great ally and helps to still the mind. It also helps to transmute negative energy and attachments, and creates a protective shield of Light around the body. You can also use Amethyst to help you to assimilate new ideas, help you to take action on your internal guidance and refine your thinking processes.


There are many ways that you can bring color into your week, follow your heart and that will be perfect for you – it could be as simple as writing with the color you feel drawn to.

Blue will support you this week to settle the mental mind, give you clarity and help you to find calm and peace within. Blue is also known as the color of truth and will support you to tap into your true essence.

Orange will support you to follow your “gut instincts” that inner guidance and get creative. Orange will help you to integrate your new ideas by supporting you to let go of your old limiting beliefs so you can feel free to be yourself.


Jasmine – Promotes creativity, self-awareness and a positive self-image.


I AM …

Develop your own power “I AM” statement that will empower you to unearth and integrate your special gifts into every ounce of your being.


You are not alone in this. To support you in this process we have created a secret Facebook group. This group will provide you with a safe, nurturing space to stay in the conversation, to share what’s coming up for you and to hear from others what their experiences are. The sacred nature of our group also supports the transmutation and transformation of our collective energy.

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Break down the walls and step outside of the illusion.

be a light

Welcome to week 2 of your Embrace your Light course. Congratulations on making it through the first week! How do you feel? Where have you noticed things starting to shift?

Before we get started I invite you to take a moment and see if there is something you can acknowledge yourself for. Did you meditate last week and welcome in your light? Can you feel your inner light burning brighter? Did you dig deep in one of the daily journaling tasks? Go ahead now and pat yourself on the back for at least one thing that you did last week. We’d love for you to share your win with us also on Facebook.

You are not your story, you are simply human

Today we are entering into an extremely powerful week of transformation and conscious evolution.

When you fully embrace your light you will be empowered to live a life where you are fully expressed, abundant and prosperous. One of the biggest blocks that stop you from embracing your light are the stories, lies and untruths that you’ve been telling yourself, your negative internal conversations.

What could you achieve if you sifted out your negative self-talk? Let go of your old patterns and constraints? Just take a moment and let that settle into your body.

Today is the day that you will open the door to freedom. It will lead you to the next phase of your personal journey.

So you might be thinking to yourself “I don’t lie to myself, the only reason I don’t do ________ is because I …..

cant afford it”

don’t have the time”

don’t know where to start”

don’t have the skills”

have to do …… first”

have to look after my family ….”

You get the picture. Unless you are a super human, then I promise you that the reason why you haven’t fully embraced your light, and aren’t following your heart, is because you have been operating from your past and using the same old stories, untruths and lies you’ve been telling yourself for years to drive your choices, behaviors and actions.

You are not alone on this journey; it is an innate part of our humanity. Integrating the lessons of our wounded self and breaking through the shame, denial, and pain of our negative beliefs and thoughts is what it is to be human. Thankfully you don’t have to take my word, this is now well documented and we even have the science to back it up. Wonderful change makers like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Bradden, Dr Sue Morter, Joe Dispanza to name a few, have systematically documented the truth behind what I’m sharing with you today. Their studies also prove how living from this space severely negatively impacts your happiness, health and success. If you’re interested in learning more about the science of spirituality I highly recommend you connect with these light workers.

Breaking free from the illusion

shine your lightA story, no matter how factually true it is – is still just a story. If we want to grow and evolve then we need to give up the stories of our past so the universe can help us to write new ones. When you do this you are not denying that terrible things may have happened to you, you are simply moving forward and refusing to let it impact your future.

The level of attachment to your stories and your pain dictates the level of illusion, or if you like delusion. By identifying with this pain and fear, you experience life at this level. Nothing can really hurt you unless you allow it to, unless you believe in its power. If you are attached to a past hurt, committed to it then you will feel really wounded and hurt. The healing comes when you remember what is real, that only love is real and that everything else is an illusion. When you rise above this, the chronic pain and suffering you feel will fall away. As the remember that your spiritual self can not be hurt, that you are made of love and only love has power over you, you will be lifted out of the illusion and will be able to see the truth. The truth that life is full of possibilities. Like the universe itself, you are limitless. Abundance surrounds you. You are free to experience life in any way you choose.

As Marianne Williamson wrote “Every loving thing that ever happened to you was real, and everything else was an illusion. Such illusions have no effect on your future unless you carry them with you into the present. It is entirely up to each of us whether we consider ourselves damaged goods”.

So this week you are supported to step out of the illusion and step into a new day. A day, where with love and compassion you are going to take an honest look at yourself and your internal dialogues. This week you are being asked to courageously step up and without any excuses, call yourself out on the limiting lies that you have been telling yourself and the attachment you’ve had to your wounds.

I have done these processes countless times over the years and for me it was not pretty, sometimes it was down right messy! So if tears come let them flow, if anger rushes through you – let it rage, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. I promise you these emotions are completely normal and it is just a moment in time. Releasing your negative self beliefs is important not because they hurt you, its important because they’re not true.

If you commit to this powerful cleansing process, it will literally set you free. It will enable you to see a whole new set of possibilities and support you to make powerful choices that you didn’t even know were available to you. You will see that you are light.

Weekly Meditation

In my experience as a coach and spiritual truth seeker, scarcity – the belief that there isn’t enough to go around; is present for everyone in one form or another. This week’s abundance meditation will support you to connect with your higher self, and fill your consciousness with a high vibrational awareness that you are an abundant being and have abundance in every area of your life.

Ignite Your Light

This week’s fire lighters, will open up new doors of possibilities and profound transformation. This week will require your total commitment, commitment to yourself, telling the truth and being open to new possibilities. As you embrace your light it is normal to be confronted with old limiting thought patterns and habits. You are not alone! You are supported. Make sure you share what comes up for you with your fellow students on Facebook, as you might just find that others feel the same way. Get ready for the powerful energy that will flow throughout this week.

Daily Unearthing

Each day this week take a different area of your life and spend at least 30 minutes looking at the limiting stories and lies you’ve been telling yourself in all areas of your life.

Day 1: Career
Day 2: Intimate relationships
Day 3: Body
Day 4: Health
Day 5: Finances
Day 6: Spirituality
Day 7: Family

you are the lightTo get started think about what isn’t working in this area of your life, what would you like to be different. What do you most want but can’t seem to get or change. For example, in the area of finances it might be no credit card debt, in the area of your body you may want to drop 20 pounds.

Now ask yourself (and journal) what are some of the choices, behaviors and actions that you take that are getting in your way from you achieving what you want in this area of your life? For example, do you spend money you don’t have, over eat, not tell people how you really feel, hide your feelings from others, procrastinate, drink too much, stay up late watching tv, isolate yourself with social media etc

Take a moment to reflect on all that you have written and how you are feeling and ask yourself “What are the top 3 excuses I use for why this part of my life isn’t working?”

Congratulations, you have now unearthed your main light blocks and have the taken the first powerful step on the path to removing them!

Start on a fresh piece of paper and rule a line down the middle of the page. On the left side you are going to write down all of the lies, untruths, limiting thoughts that have been holding you back and on the other side right possibilities.

Here’s what it might look like:

Light Blocks Possibilities
I can’t afford it I could borrow the money
I could get a job (2nd job)
I could cut down on my weekly spending
I could sell my excess clothes/sporting equipment/furniture

Once you’ve made your lists take some time to reflect on what is true and the possibilities and options that are actually available to you. With this information fresh in your awareness, spend at least 5 minutes journaling about what this part of your life could look like if you let go of these old limiting thoughts and broke through the illusion. Knowing that you are a powerful co-creator allow yourself to explore what will be possible when you embrace all of your light.

Magical Amplifiers

If you are ready to take it to the next level here are some extra things you can do to help catapult you forward. Each of the tools below works with your conscious and subconscious mind and will support your physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Rose quartz is the heart stone, the stone that supports unconditional love. This high vibrational crystal speaks directly to the heart and will support you to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments. It will also help you to get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty.


There are many ways that you can bring color into your week, follow your heart and that will be perfect for you – it could be as simple as writing with the color you feel drawn to. This week you have two colors with very different applications to support your process.

Pink represents compassion, nurturing, hope and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect.

Red is also a warm and positive color, but it is also strong and energizing and motivates us to take action. It is a confidence booster and can help support you to tap into your internal will power and strength.


Sandalwood has a euphoric, yet grounding effect that promotes a sense of well-being. It is well known to support wisdom, insight, harmony, peace, serenity and unity. If you carry your emotions in your tummy, it can also be helpful to supporting any stomach related issues you may have.


I am not my story. The truth will set me free. It is safe for me to share my gifts with the world. I am prosperous.

Be kind to yourself this week

This week’s lesson has the capacity to be profound and help you to radically shift your perspective and life. Breaking through the illusion will trigger your defensive systems. Be aware that resistance always shows up when we are navigating new territory, especially when we are doing deep work that sheds are old ways.


You are not alone in this. To support you in this process we have created a secret Facebook group. This group will provide you with a safe, nurturing space to stay in the conversation, to share what’s coming up for you and to hear from others what their experiences are. The sacred nature of our group also supports the transmutation and transformation of our collective energy.

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Reclaim your power

love your light

Welcome to your 3rd week of Embrace Your Light. As you prepare to move into what I believe, is the most life-changing week of the process, it is my heart’s desire that you feel closer to yourself than ever before.

As we move towards 2016, I invite you to take the time to really acknowledge how deeply you have travelled in the past 2 weeks. Despite the holidays, you showed up. You did it!

The first half of your journey was devoted to unearthing what ignites your light, the beliefs, and thoughts that are not alignment with your highest and acknowledging the abundance of possibilities that surround you.

We are now ready for a new beginning. To create a new story. Its time to be bold. Your time is now.

In order to powerfully step into this space you need to be fully standing in your power.

Speaking your truth

The biggest culprit that keeps you stuck, makes you feel sad or depressed, turns you into a “the evil witch” is giving away your power.

Every time that you do something to please someone else, don’t speak up or share your truth, say “yes” to something when you want to say no – you are telling yourself and the universe that your needs don’t really matter. Every time you do something that is not alignment with your truth, you are taking a bat to your self-confidence and self esteem.

You may be thinking you are making these choices for the good of someone else, helping them out or even protecting them. For example, as a parent there have been many times that I have “helped” my child, when the reality was I took the easy route and in fact he needed to take more responsibility for his actions. In these moments I am not only zapping my energy source and power, I am also disempowering him in the process.

Having the courage to speak your truth is essential for your own evolution and happiness, but also for your loved ones.

This week you are invited to stand confidently in your power. At first, it might feel uncomfortable – wrong even. However, you are encouraged to courageously step outside of your conditioned beliefs and start to voice your truth around who you are and your needs (even if it hurts someone’s feelings). Like many things this is a practice, the more you do it, the more comfortable it will feel.

This simple process will literally radically change your world. When you are willing to back yourself, to follow through on your internal voice and take action from that place you will experience true, authentic power.

Once you start to live from this place of authentic power you will feel ecstatic, confident, and truly respect yourself.

Releasing energetic connections that no longer serve you

energetic cord

When we enter into a relationship with a person personal or business, but especially romantically, an energetic thread or cord is activated. As we continue through the relationship every interaction, thought, emotion and feeling is added to the cord.

Spiritual author Doreen Virtue describes it best as “energetic cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people”.

This cord has the ability to share energy and transmit a high frequency of communication, which may explain why we often feel and connect telepathically to our partner’s thoughts and emotions. When the cord is healthy, it can create a vibrant, energetic source exchange but when the cord is unhealthy, it can often lead to feeling controlled or drained in energy.

Most of us will intuitively know how strong our cord is with someone, but if you are unsure, a good measure is how strongly or how often you think or feel towards someone, especially if the thoughts are obsessive, manipulative or fearful.

As we move through life, relationships can change. What once was healthy, heart based and loving can become toxic, manipulative and unhealthy. When this happens it can be beneficial to cut the unhealthy energetic cords.

When you cut the cords with someone it doesn’t mean that the relationship has to end. The process will enable new beginnings, and help new healthy bonds to grow that are in the highest good for both of you.

To support you to move forward powerfully in this weeks video I will guide you through a cord cutting process. Cutting energetic cords can help you to recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, and help you to let go of people and situations that have been holding you back.

Weekly Meditation

To support you through the holiday season and this week’s powerful process, I have created a gentle, loving healing meditation. In this mediation you will be guided to a magical waterfall where you will cleanse your physical, mental and emotional body. You will leave this special place feeing alive, clear and happy.

Ignite Your Light

Cutting the cords process

This week you are invited to think about who do you need to free yourself from? Who do you need to energetically disconnect from so you can move more quickly towards your desired goals? Several people may come to mind. It is fine to cut the cords with multiple people but it is recommended that you do the process with one person at a time. This weeks video (see above) will walk you through the process. Take note how you feel in the days after the process. Don’t be surprised if the person contacts you or shows up in some way. This is a sign that the process worked and that they are feeling the change in the energy. If they do connect, stand in your power and make an empowered choice on how or whether you respond.

Empowerment exercises

With an attitude of kindness and gentleness toward yourself, practice standing in your power this week when life presents you with the following opportunities:

  1. Seeking someone else’s love or approval

This week look out for ways that you are seeking out someone else’s love or approval. During the holidays this will come up for most of us, when it does just ask yourself, “What can I do right now to love myself? What can I do to give myself the approval that I am seeking? How can I fill myself up?

  1. Saying no

When someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do try saying, “I’m sorry, but to be in integrity with where I’m at right now I can’t.”

Magical Amplifiers

If you are ready to take it to the next level here are some extra things you can do to help catapult you forward. Each of the tools below works with your conscious and subconscious mind and will support your physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Blue obsidian is the truth stone. It supports communication while also acting as a powerful screen against negative energy.

Watermelon Tourmaline works with your heart chakra, cleansing and removing blockages. This beautiful stone aids in removing insecurities and helps to calm out of balance emotions. As a balancing stone it has both yin and yang energy, the green part feeds your life force while the pink soothes and harmonizes.


Green is the color of balance and harmony. It is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. It is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. A natural peacemaker, it must avoid the tendency to become a martyr.


Grapefruit has an uplifting aroma, which may help with feelings of anxiousness, bad moods, or stress. Grapefruit also promotes your own sense of self-love and approval, especially in regards to loving and honoring our bodies.

Lavender is said to be the oil of honest communication and expression. It calms a racing mind, allowing you to settle into your heart and speak with gentleness and kindness. It also eases anxiety or fear, including fears of rejection, and will help you to feel present, calm, and engaged in healthy ways. Lavender increases a sense of security and peace, and in this way helps to build trust in yourself and others.


It is safe for me to stand in my power. 


You are not alone in this. To support you in this process we have created a secret Facebook group. This group will provide you with a safe, nurturing space to stay in the conversation, to share what’s coming up for you and to hear from others what their experiences are. The sacred nature of our group also supports the transmutation and transformation of our collective energy.

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The key to living in your light

love your light

Welcome to the final week of your Embrace Your Light Course. We began this journey by acknowledging our authentic self and all our unique gifts; we then broke through the illusions that have held us back, before powerfully reclaiming our power.

By taking the time each day to do your meditations and light exercises, you have opened up a golden door of possibility. Today you are invited to fully step into your light and to a new world full of infinite possibilities. Now is your time!

You see the world is waiting for you. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are supported. We believe in you. We are arms wide-open, ready for you to radiate out into the world.

You have done the hard work in this course, and in every day leading up to today. The Universe has seen every single one of your struggles, heart aches, wins, transformations and challenges and wants you to know that you are ready. You are ready to share your light with the world, you are ready to allow your seeds of desire to blossom, you are ready to be your authentic self, to BE YOU.

This is cause for celebration!

Building Momentum, Motivation and Confidence

In order to powerfully embrace your light, it is critical that we consciously celebrate our wins, acknowledge our own gifts and accomplishments. When you do this, you will feel more self-confident and will be free to see all the possibilities that surround you.

The powerful habit of affirming the light that you bring to the world, also builds up a personal reserve of strength, courage and love. When you are faced with fears, doubt or resignation, you will have access to this source of resilience and more easily transmute the energy and move through it.

The Law of Attraction

Spiritual leaders, new age thinkers, psychologists and even scientists have been talking about the Law of Attraction for many years. The law of attraction is very simple – We attract whatever we think about – good or bad.

Celebrating your wins keeps your focus on the positive, and attracts more for you to celebrate. Focusing on lack attracts more lack. You just might be surprised how much you have to celebrate about yourself. Take this energy of celebration with you into the New Year and keep it with you throughout the whole year. Make celebrating a habit that becomes infused into every day. This simple tweak will transform your life.

Weekly Meditation

In this week’s meditation, you are transported to a beautiful beach setting. In this peaceful place you will be invited to create a picture. The picture of your life, a life that you love and are radiating brightly out into the world.

Ignite Your Light

Each day this week we are going to CELEBRATE YOU and everything you have accomplished this year! Each day you will take a different area of your life and spend at least 10 minutes looking at the successes, insights and blessons (a blessing that comes from a lesson) in all areas of your life. Included are some questions that might help you with your self-exploration process:

Day 1: Career/Education

  • What were some of your successes or progress in your work/study?
  • What new skills or abilities have you developed this year?
  • Did you learn any new technology?

Day 2: Intimate relationships

  • Did you create new relationships or deepen existing relationships? (professional and personal)
  • During the year did you ask for help and receive it?

Day 3: Health

  • What activities have you done to support your health? (doctors visits, started an exercise program, eating healthier, supplements?)
  • Outline any new positive habits that you adopted? (like meditation, exercise, gratitude, celebration, journaling?)

Day 4: Self Care

  • Did you attend any positive events (lectures, workshops, concerts, sports) or read any positive books?
  • What things did you do for yourself (like taking this course) to nourish your soul?
  • Outline any new positive habits that you adopted?(like meditation, exercise, gratitude, celebration, journaling?)

Day 5: Finances

  • Did you take any steps to build your financial position, reduce your debt?
  • During the year did you take responsibility for where you are at?

Day 6: Spirituality

  • Did you attend any positive events (lectures, workshops, concerts, sports) or read any positive books?
  • Are there any spiritual practices that you have introduced (Meditation, yoga, going to church, Higher Love Today events? )

Day 7: Family and Friends

  • What leisure activities did you participate in? Did you spend time in nature, take any trips or vacations?
  • Did you show kindness to anyone? Help a friend or neighbor in need?
  • During the year did you ask for help and receive it?

P.S. Be careful of negative self-talk, especially around areas where you didn’t feel you achieved your goals. Simply thank yourself for bringing them to your attention. If they still feel relevant you can also add them to your goals for this year.

Magical Amplifiers

If you are ready to take it to the next level here are some extra things you can do to help catapult you forward. Each of the tools below works with your conscious and subconscious mind and will support your physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone that resonates with the vibration of truth and enlightenment. It carries the energy of the inner king or queen, and are historically stones of royalty. This crystal supports depth and clarity in your thinking and in your communications. Some people call Lapis Lazuli the truth crystal as it ensures that the words you speak are in alignment with your personal truth.


Gold is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. In the meaning of colors, gold is generous and giving, compassionate and loving, the benefactor or patron, sharing its wisdom, knowledge and wealth with others. Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated – it illuminates and enhances other things around it.


According to seasoned herbalists and aromatherapists: Mindy Green and Kathi Keville, the key word for Neroli is confidence! Neroli oil is also well known to counter mental confusion, depression, fear and emotional shock. In addition to supporting your nervous system a drop of Neroli oil rubbed into your heart area can open up your heart chakra.


I am light. When I celebrate my light the world shines brighter.

Self Care

Every day this week you are invited to do at least 1 thing a day just for you. When you wake in the morning, before you even get out of bed, take a moment to choose one thing that you can do that day to feed your inner light. You may choose to go for a walk on the beach, give yourself the night off cooking, have a long relaxing soak in a bath, play golf, watch a funny movie …


You are not alone in this. To support you in this process we have created a secret Facebook group. This group will provide you with a safe, nurturing space to stay in the conversation, to share what’s coming up for you and to hear from others what their experiences are. The sacred nature of our group also supports the transmutation and transformation of our collective energy.

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