Some of you may be wondering why Higher Love Today? Why Now?

Because right now a transformation is occurring! It’s happening in the hearts and minds of countless people sitting in towns, cities and countries all around the world.

Our individual souls are calling out for connection because as we come together with a shared purpose, transformation happens. The pyramid structure is giving way to collaboration and co-creation as ordinary (truly extraordinary is actually more accurate) people like you and I are being empowered to express our full potential.

It begins with a knowing that there’s something more and it very quickly evolves into a deep pain from not listening to what your soul desires.

Most of us have felt the universal energy that has been literally pushing us to expand and grow. In order to make a space for this new expansion, upgrade we are being continually challenged. Challenged to let go of our limited way of being, let go of our lower vibrational “stuff”… our limiting beliefs, our fears, our stories, our excuses and our physical and emotional toxins.

Right now we can see the effect of millions of people exploring and acknowledge the limiting aspects of their personalities. The light is knowing that this empowered action is moving us as individuals and as a collective into a more powerful position of wholeness, inner peace, happiness and fulfillment. However, this process is also terrifying, painful, lonely and unbearable for many.

Higher Love Today is here to help with this process. To create a movement that creates safe havens of support for people to hear their souls wisdom and empowers them to express their full potential. A global circle that reminds you that you are not alone, makes you feel loved, seen and heard.

If this feels right, good to you please make sure you are signed up to our online community and share our content with your networks and help us to build this global movement and be the change in the world we all desire.