Higher Love has been created with the knowing that if we change ourselves, if we simply attune to our natural divine nature and make choices from this place, THE WORLD WILL CHANGE.

What is something that you’ve been wanting to change, do differently, but until now haven’t been able to do it? Is it start a healthy eating program? Stick to a daily meditation practice? Sort out your finances? Start a new course? Be more compassionate to your neighbour?

Change doesn’t haven’t to hard, and to support you in making a change in your life for the next 7 days we will be posting simple tips to help you to be the change you want to see in the world.

Be The Change Tip #1: Break down your task into SMART goals

If you want to make big shifts in your life that requires significant change, first start off by breaking up the goal into more manageable increments. This can make you feel better about handling the changes you are about to make while helping you to feel more comfortable with change in general. What have you been dreaming of? Can you break it up into smaller stepping stones, milestones?

For example, you may want to change your career. What steps are needed to enable you to make this change? Imagine that you need to retrain? Milestone 1 might be sign up for a course? Milestone 2, might be complete the course with flying colours. This could be a significant process, so you may also need to break this down even further. For example, You may set weekly goals to keep you on track and up to date with all your class work. Milestone 3, Could be setting up a business so that you can start to build up some income before you leave your full time job. Once you start to break it down into manageable steps it becomes much easier.

Just take a moment now and breathe into this space …

Now from this place of calm and knowledge that you can do this! Today we support you to set yourself the task to pick one significant thing that you have been wanting to change. It might be in the area of your health, finances, intimate relationship or career. You choose. Then break it down into at least 3 stages, whatever feels right for you. Then I invite you to create a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time based) goal for each of these stages or milestones. A smart goal would look something like this: I will enroll in a coaching course by the 4th February 2016 (4 weeks time).

It is specific; we know exactly what you need to do. It is measurable; you will either have done it or not. A month is realistic and attainable as it gives plenty of time to do the research required to pick the right course.

Good luck! We are here to support you to access your inner wisdom and take action, so please feel free to share your goals in the comments section and we can help you to move forward.

With love,