Are you scared to feel your feelings?

Be honest now!

The fact is that if you are like most people, you would rather do anything than feel your feelings. And I mean anything.

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Shop. Drugs. Sex. Shut down. Play small.

Unfortunately the hard cold truth is without feeling your feelings, your life can’t and won’t improve. 

The ironic thing is we are all searching for a breakthrough. You focus on changing your behaviour and perhaps our story. But you feel stuck, like you are going over and over the same territory, until you allow yourself to go deeper and allow yourself to feel your true feelings.

Your feelings are sign posts that are asking you to pay attention. They are longing to be felt.

And, the truth is, no matter how scared you are to feel your feelings, they won’t kill you.

Your feelings will pass.

So how do you feel?

That’s right, take a moment right now to feel into your body and allow yourself to dive into what’s showing up for you.

One of my favourite ways to dive deep into my feelings is through art. It is a fun and safe way to explore your emotions.

As you begin to express your emotions through images, you will quickly discover your inner voice. Using art to express this voice will enable you to connect—maybe for the first time—with your deepest feelings and emotions. Expressing through color, form, shape, and texture allows the energy to flow so that your emotions no longer have a hold on you, clearing the way for healing to begin.

There is no right or wrong way to go about this, you might want to simply focus on the emotion that is showing up for you and draw what you see. I consider my art sessions as therapy, so I like to wear comfortable clothes, put on music, and treat them like a meditative process. Start by closing your eyes. Focus on your intention (e.g., to work with sadness) and then invite it in. Allow yourself to see colors, shapes, and form. When you have a strong visual, open your eyes and draw or paint what you are seeing and feeling. It can be a slow process at first, but once you begin, the images will come. Trust the process.

When you feel complete, take some time to look at your new creation without judgment. Don’t criticize or analyze your creation, but go beyond the surface and consider what it has to tell you. You might want to journal about how you feel when you look at your masterpiece.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what happened once you felt your feelings. What did they have to tell you?

If you’ve done work like this before and you’re feelings have given you important information – also leave a comment and let us know your success story. Your sharing helps the group and could be just the thing that someone else needs to see.

Together we can remember our true divine essence and realise our full potential.

With love,