Rebecca Jackson // Founder

rebecca jackson higher love today

Hi my name is Rebecca. I am honored to be the founder and custodian of Higher Love Today. Some of you might be thinking Custodian what does that mean????? Well to me it means a few things with the most important one being acknowledging that Higher Love Today is not all about me and I do not “own it. As the custodian I ensure that everything we do is in alignment with the spirit, essence and energy that is holding space for our conscious evolution.

The essential ingredient to transformation is love – Higher Love. When we come together with the intention of pure love, safety and trust MAGIC HAPPENS. The creativity, power, and wisdom in each of us is magnified and radiates out to the world.


Higher Love Today’s goal is to have Higher Love offerings in every town, in every city, in every country in world! In order to make this happen we have locally based Higher Love Ambassadors. Contact us for more information on becoming a Higher Love Ambassador.

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